A downloadable game

This is what you get when you come off the weekend and decide last minute to join the jam with 10 hours left.  I cracked myself up... your mileage may vary.

It's a physics-based puzzle platformer (I guess so).

(Also a complete experiment... I purposefully decided to not write a single line of code and use a visual scripting tool in Unity.  Never again!!)

Note: Please run the game full-screen so nothing is cut off (was in a hurry, sorry).

Have fun! ^^


Get the flag!  Simple!


Move the player with A and D keys.
Move and rotate the bucket by clicking and dragging on the icons.
Spew sprites from the bucket with W key or RMB (right-mouse-button).
Exit game with ESC key.

Install instructions

Download, unzip to folder, run SpEw!.exe  (full-screen please).


SpEw.zip 21 MB